Royalty Free Stock Clay Clipart by Amy Vangsgard

  1. 3d Gorgeous Female Flamenco Dancer with a Flowing Dress
  2. 3d Decorative High Fashion Pink Heel Shoe
  3. 3d Gross Germ Holding a Bar of Soap
  4. 3d Successful Businessman Holding a Tray of Green Cash Money
  5. Shocked Snorkeler
  6. Relaxed Coffee Cup Character
  7. Hot Cup of Coffee on a Saucer
  8. Roman Couple in a Horse Chariot
  9. Brown Lab Dot Sniffing
  10. Patterned Road Runner
  11. Coiled King Rattle Snake Wearing a Crown
  12. Summer Girl Listening to Music on a Pool Float
  13. Baker Driving with a Wedding Cake on His Car
  14. Blond Woman Screaming
  15. Bowing Matador
  16. Bickering Sun Burnt Couple on a Vacation
  17. Male Divers Discovering a Neptune Statue
  18. Walking Caveman and Club
  19. Summer Girl Walking with a Pink Inner Tube
  20. Hollering Captain
  21. Tourist Couple and Llama Viewing the Andes
  22. Spanish Bullfight Matador Holding a Cape
  23. Oktoberfest German Band and Beer
  24. Fit Leaping Cheerleader
  25. Pointing Artist
  26. 3d Broccoli Strawberry and Red Fish Holding up a Fork
  27. Red 3d Cherry Holding a Toothbrush and Smiling
  28. Wealthy Businessman Working in His Home Office
  29. 3d Person Scuba Diving a Coral Reef and Reading a Book
  30. 3d High Maintenance Woman with Her Husband Carrying All of Her Travel Luggage
  31. 3d Female Archaeologist Digging up a Pyramid and Tossing Dirt on Top of Her Husband
  32. 3d Grandma Driving a Car to Go Fishing
  33. 3D Uncle Sam Holding a Telephone and Urging You to Call
  34. 3d Couple Popping a Bird with a Wine Cork While on a Gondola Ride
  35. Crashing Hang Glider Man
  36. Young Couple Dancing
  37. 3d Male Hang Glider Descending in His Parachute
  38. 3d Flight Attendant Bringing Slippers to a First Class Passenger
  39. 3d Female New York Marathon Runner
  40. 3d Sick and Tired Sleep Deprived Man with Bags Under His Eyes
  41. Mother and Daughter Laughing Together Hysterically
  42. Prissy Woman and Her Pink Poodle
  43. Blond Woman Holding a Shih Tzu Dog with Matching Hair While Sitting on a Trunk
  44. 3d Meteorologist Weather Man Reporting the Weekly Forecast
  45. 3d Strawberry Milkshake Drinking from a Berry Through a Straw
  46. Scared 3d Coffee Bean Drinking a Cup of Coffee
  47. 3d Chick Crying and While Hatching from an Egg Shell
  48. 3d Cherry Character Sitting in a Lotus Yoga Pose
  49. Two 3d Teenagers Four Wheeling in a Red Jeep
  50. 3d Furious Brunette Woman
  51. 3d Tired Brunette Woman Covering Her Mouth and Yawning
  52. 3d Scared Tourist Woman Riding a Camel Backwards
  53. 3d Couple Kissing Passionately in a Hot Air Balloon
  54. 3d Balding Man in Red Suspenders Laughing
  55. 3d Smiling Brunette Woman
  56. 3d Family and Dog Crammed into Their Car for a Road Trip with Lots of Luggage Tied on Top
  57. 3d Golfer Smiling and Swinging His Club
  58. Three 3d People Staring and Pointing
  59. 3d Mother and Son Holding Pepperoni Pizzas
  60. Woman and Dog Dressed Similarly Walking Together
  61. 3d Clay Sculpture Shopping Female Texting on Her Cell Phone
  62. 3d Green Eyed Decorative Owl Looking Right
  63. 3d Healthy Heart Lifting Hand Weights
  64. 3d Red Wine Bottle Playing a Violin
  65. 3d Brother and Sister Eating Sushi for Lunch
  66. 3d Toys Stacked in a Toy Chest in a Play Room
  67. 3d Crazy Scientist with Eyeballs in a Jar
  68. 3d Sweaty Ethnic Jogging Couple Running a Marathon
  69. 3d Blue Pill Timing to Knock on the Door
  70. 3d Medical Blood Pressure Gauge with a Face
  71. 3d Colorful Bird Nesting
  72. 3d Yellow and Orange Spotted Frog on a Lily Pad
  73. 3d Colorful Sail Boat at Sea
  74. 3d Clay Sculpture Empty Shoe Box
  75. 3d Carnival Barker Man Announcing with a Megaphone
  76. 3d Colorful Inner Tubes with Swimming Pool Noodle Toys
  77. 3d Traveling Male Business Person Walking in an Airport
  78. 3d Man Walking Right with a Bag of Groceries
  79. 3d Smiling Meteorologist Weather Man and Five Day Forecast
  80. 3d Disgusted Man Plugging His Nose with a Clothespin to Avoid a Stench
  81. 3d Woman with a Bad Tooth Ache Holding Her Jaw
  82. 3d Woman Wearing Shades and a Chocolate Cake Dress
  83. 3d Brother and Sister Making a Mess During a Spaghetti Dinner
  84. 3d Red Haired Girl About to Eat a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
  85. 3d Dollop of Whipped Cream on a Slice of Freshly Baked Cherry Pie
  86. 3d Woman Going Shopping and Carrying Bags
  87. 3d Boy with Missing Teeth Smiling and Holding an Orange Flavored Ice Cream Cone
  88. 3d Ship Window Looking out to Colorful Coral Reef Fish
  89. 3d Juicy Cheeseburger on Top of a Sesame Seed Bun
  90. 3d Elderly Woman Sitting on a Chest with Her Lookalike Bulldog
  91. 3d Colorful Rooster Facing Right
  92. Cupte Puppy or Small Dog Sleeping in Front of Two Beach Balls
  93. Angered Black Bull Charging During a Bullfight
  94. Brown Dog with Hat, Pipe and Scarf, Driving a Yellow Car
  95. A Brightly Colored Chameleon Lizard with Decorative Designs Sticking out His Tongue
  96. Red Dog and Yellow Dog Howling at the Moon
  97. 3d Woman Wearing a Celery Dress and Walking with a Purse
  98. 3d Happy Woman Smiling at a Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
  99. 3d Heart Breathing Spicy Hot Fire from Its Mouth
  100. 3d Baby Screaming Loudly
  101. 3d Strong Broccoli Man Flexing His Arms
  102. 3d Heart Couple Dancing Together
  103. 3d Exhausted Alarm Clock Yawning and Holding Coffee
  104. 3d Couple Screaming at Each Other During a Fight
  105. 3d Sick and Tired Airplane During a Red Eye Flight
  106. 3d Jogging Heart with a Timer on Its Chest
  107. 3d Yawning Tired Crescent Moon with a Night Cap
  108. 3d Screaming Bell Holding His Head
  109. 3d Heart Teacher Discussing CPR to the Class
  110. 3d Skinny Teacup Woman Measuring Her Waist with a Yellow Tape Measure
  111. 3d Secretary Woman Sitting and Working on a Computer at a Desk
  112. 3d Business Woman Sitting at Her Desk by a Corporate Ladder Leading to a Door
  113. Man in Green Shorts Going Snorkeling
  114. Lady Drinking Lemonade
  115. Scared Girl Screaming with Her Hair on End
  116. 3d Happy and Energetic Cheering Man Jumping
  117. 3d Man in a Red Coat Drinking Lemonade
  118. Excited 3d Blond Woman Shopping and Waving
  119. 3d Opera Singer Woman Performing on Stage
  120. 3d Girl Reading a Book and Imagining She's in a Jungle with a Toucan and Monkey Reclining on a Tropical Branch
  121. 3d Surprised Woman in a Pink Robe and Curlers in Her Hair
  122. Spatula and Cherry Pie
  123. Plate of Spaghetti and Meatballs
  124. Clay Woman on a Mans Shoulders and Viewing Fourth of July Fireworks
  125. Grinning 3d Jack-o-lantern Face
  126. Nutritious 3d Red Delicious Apple
  127. Cup of Coffee with a Rose and Forever Yours Letter
  128. Mango in a Lettuce Bowl and a Fresh Start Text
  129. Tea and Fresh Fruit with Good Morning Text
  130. Life Is Sweet Squares
  131. Clay Tea Time Scene
  132. One Day at a Time Clay Fruit Bowl Scene
  133. Clay Simple Treasures Hot Cocoa Scene
  134. Clay Candy Heart Box of Chocolates
  135. Clay Summer Fourth of July Town Scene
  136. Make Each Day Fruitful Tea Woman Scene
  137. Welcome Orange Tree Topiary Scene
  138. Clay Treat Yourself Dessert Stand Scene
  139. Hand Holding a Pink Cellular Phone
  140. Hope Grows Faith Grows Love Grows Garden Plaques
  141. 3d Woman Kickboxing and a Man Running on a Treadmill in a Gym Atmosphere
  142. 3d Ginger Root Smiling Cowboy Swinging a Lasso
  143. 3d Confused George W Bush As a Scarecrow
  144. 3d Arnold Schwarzenegger As a Girly Man in a Pink Polka-Dotted Dress
  145. 3d Buck-Toothed Condoleezza Rice Holding a Book on Iraq and Attached to Marionette Puppet Strings
  146. 3d Purse with Beauty Accessories and Sunglasses
  147. 3d City Street Scene with a Ferris Wheel in the Distance
  148. 3d Silver Cell Phone in a Manicured Hand
  149. 3d Clay Sculpture Tanned Hand Holding a Silver Cell Phone
  150. 3d Caucasian Hand Holding a Black and Gray Cell Phone
  151. 3d Female Hand Pushing Buttons on a Cell Phone
  152. 3d Boy in Profile, Facing Left
  153. 3d Bunch of Ripe Bananas
  154. 3d Couple Working out and Bodybuilding in a Gym Together
  155. Four 3d People Working out in an Aerobics Fitness Class
  156. 3d Rise N Shine Male Chicken and Food Collage
  157. 3d Blond Devil Paris Hilton Holding Her Dog over Flames
  158. 3d Clay Sculpture Hands Holding Cell Phones
  159. 3d Festive Christmas Ornament Wreath Cake and Cookie